About the hobbit hole

I just want a hobbit hole comes from the statement made when my Mum (not my Mother, she’s a different woman) and I were talking about crafting and the home we want when we win the lottery (a huge complex with separate houses) and a craft room was mentioned. I told her that there was a seller on etsy who made hobbit holes and from there we decided that a hobbit hole was exactly what we needed as our craft room.

I did learn to knit at about 9 years old, but never really kept it up. About a year ago I started to knit again and taught myself to crochet.

As someone who loves to see the creations on craft blogs, I have found so many things that I would like to make and I thought I would set up my own blog. Mainly it’s just to record what I am making and what it looks like. If someone can find something they like or gets an idea from something I make then that would be amazing!

So with that in mind, embrace creativity, go forth and create.



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