Amazing myself and not being shocked

Ok, I finished it at 6:30am on Christmas Eve, plenty of time before Mother was due to arrive. And then she didn’t. 9:30 comes and goes, I text her to check she was coming and still no reply!

Oh well, the 3 year old loves it so has adopted it as his soft kitty cloak (I have no idea).

Merry Christmas, Happy Yuletide or whatever else you happen to be doing.


Almost there

Back, before blocking

Back, before blocking.

After blocking, with shoulders seamed. The end is nigh!

After blocking, with shoulders seamed. The end is nigh!

So last night I blocked the main bulk of the wrapdigan for Mother. I still have to knit the sleeve ribbing and the ribbed edge but I can see the end, and I still have 27 hours to go until she arrives! 

This is the first time I have made something big, and so quick (it has been about 3 days in the last two weeks) and although I pretend not to care I hope that Mother appreciates it.

Now to finish!

3 sleeps to go (2 until I need to give the gift), progress report

With 3 sleeps left until Xmas and my Mother visiting on Xmas Eve, I really needed to get moving on the wrapdigan. 

Since starting I have had a few problems, the Mr was talking to me when I was rain man counting, this caused a few dropped stitches, a tantrum and a restart. I have been at uni (ok, it was the last week and we weren’t crazy busy) and two boys to look after (including one who had a chest infection and tonsillitis).

However, as it stands, progress has been made! The back, right front and left front are complete, the shoulder seams have been sewn and it is blocking as I type. All that remains is to knit the flounce of the sleeves, seam the sides and knit the edging. Looks like a busy Sunday!

Starting a Xmas present with 11 sleeps and 2 poorly boys

With 11 sleeps until Xmas and two poorly boys at home, I realised that my mother is coming on Christmas Eve morning and as yet I have no present for her. 


So I decide a home made scarf, wrap or shawl and begin the pattern search. I found a couple of patterns I like for shawls and scarfs, but worry that as we don’t really see each other she won’t like them. I know I want to use the Lavender Vivaldi yarn as I remember her loving mohair yarns but hating working with them when I was younger. Lavender works perfectly as a) I have 3 balls, and b) purples were her mums favourite colour, so will remind her of Little Nanny.

Then I have a quick scan of the Drops website for Vivaldi patterns and find a wrap cardigan which is stocking stitch, needs no buttons and is three pieces with round the edge ribbing. Pretty simple I figure, so we’ll see how it goes. 

100_0925Well around 16 hours later, including 8 hours sleep, looking after the boys and not really working too hard if I’m honest I have done the back up to the sleeve section. Woohoo! At this rate, with work and uni, I’ll be finished, blocked, seamed and edged in time (I hope).

Projects a go go on the go

After deciding that I wanted to craft again, I needed a project. I wanted it to be something that had meaning and finally reached a forever blanket for both of my boys.

I let them choose colours and patterns with me and then set about choosing yarns. I settled on Rico Baby Classic DK which has beautiful colours, is gorgeously soft and is machine washable and tumble dryer safe. With the colours, patterns and yarn decided I then found out that two people I care greatly for are pregnant and due in the summer, which adds two baby blankets, a mobile, a set of stacking penguins and penguin stuffties to my crochet list.

To throw a spanner in the works it’s 11 sleeps until Christmas and I have nothing for my mother. Cue crazed look through yarn stash and internet patterns. Now my project queue has been hijacked again with a Drops cardigan and scarf at the top for mothers gifts.

So here begins the crazy crafting adventure.