Crafting A.D.D?

I love making things, all sorts of things, but I find it really hard to just make one thing at a time. 

Do I have crafting A.D.D?

Do all crafters?

Speaking to a few, it turns out we all work better when we have multiple projects. It means when one is going wrong, driving us nuts or we’re just going stir crazy from looking at the damn thing, we can have a break without actually having a break from crafting. 

On a slightly different note, the wool I ordered for test knitting has arrived!

For a Baby Jacket

For a Baby Jacket

For another Baby Jacket

For another Baby Jacket

Scarf Yarn

Scarf Yarn


Pattern testing excitement!

Holy awesomeness Batman, I have managed to sneak my way into a group on ravelry that is test knitting patterns for Megan Goodacre!

So, so, so excited. Obviously I won’t be posting photos until the patterns have been published and are ready for purchase, but still very, very excited. Especially about one project that already has an owner lined up in my mind.

Actually I’m excited about all of the patterns as there are a few small projects that I can do at uni or work on my lunch breaks.

Check out Megan Goodacre here where you can find some stunning patterns for sale, some incredible free patterns, online chart making and goodies such as gauge rulers and knitters notebooks.

Now I’m off to do some Gas law research, nap, knit and be more excited 😀

A star is born, well crocheted

After starting a star afghan at the end of October 2012, I have finished it and it is blocking RIGHT NOW!

The Star Afhgan

The Star Afhgan


It seems like it’s taken a long time but a month later was our wedding, the month after that Christmas and it was a downtime project rather than an week) I decided to finish the last few rounds and block it. I can’t really do anything else right now, so I’m crafty, searching for MORE projects, ordering yarns and beads for the ones I’m doing and pretending that I don’t feel like utter pants.

There has been some work done to planning more uni project write up, practical, research and analysis techniques too. Busy, busy, busy. Now to craft some more.

Quiet time?

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, not because I’m not crafting but because I’m mega crafting.

At the moment I am back at uni, the big had a week off with a migraine and fever, the husband was working away (the same week the big was ill) and I have a huge W.I.P list.


  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star baby blanket
  • Little mermaid reversible shells baby blanket
  • Dark mark illusion scarf
  • Goddess shawl
  • Block the star

The To start list:

  • A different reversible shells baby blanket
  • A crocodile baby blanket
  • Supernatural impala illusion scarf
  • Hogwarts express owl shawl

And the latest project I’m dreaming of is “The Ron Weasley Blanket’ as lovingly studied and charted by Penguineer. I may have to buy the odd ball here and there and make each square as between project relaxation mini projects rather than take the whole thing on as one big project.

And a whole other crazy list of things I need to check out and buy the bits to start.

Pictures and updates to follow, assignments and project permitting