Sore throat, fever, assignments and HEXIPUFFS!

It’s almost half term for myself and the two boys and I’m almost up to date on my assignments (YAY!) I’m zipping through my test knitting, I’m working on baby gifts and  have been hit with a sore throat and fever.

Bad times, so I’m at home for the day to sleep it off, okay I’m awake now but I did just send the boys off to school.

The best news ever is that I have a super amazeballs husband, when I went for a bath he checked my ravelry page and brought me a pattern to cheer me up/distract the heck out of me. He even order up some of the colours that I had added in the notes section, I know this as they sent my an email to confirm the order. Awwww, now I have to say how fab he is, cause he puts up with my crazy and spoils me.

Even more fantabulous is that it’s The Beekeepers Quilt, which both the boys love! The big had already requested a fire themed one all reds, oranges and yellow, but when the little saw the pictures he said that it was a honey bee blanket and he would like one to look like a hive. Straight away I was envisioning yellows in honey, gold and soft pale yellow, The Knitting Goddess Same Difference Bumble Bee, the odd black hexipuff and some cute undyed wool with bee patterns and little hive charts.

Chart this?

Chart this?

Little bee hexipuff

Little bee hexipuff

Damn it, I need to win the lottery and get my freaking hobbit hole STAT!


Projects, test knitting and the ever expanding list

With my Chemistry project going well (fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed it now) and several small items done for the test knitting, February is off to a good start. I still have a couple of scarves to knit and am half way through the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf!

The problem is I keep looking at patterns and finding more and more that I want to do.

So far I have added:

  • A fabulous jacket for my big sisters birthday
  • Another for me
  • A couple of cardigans for me
  • More shawls
  • Changed son number one’s forever blanket from pinwheel crochet to The Ron Weasley Blanket to Hexipuffs, without removing the others from my wish list
  • Added the beautiful Erssie Magickal Symbols Throw for myself too!

And as most crafters know, with more patterns/projects added to the list comes more yarn porn/wool stalking! What colour theme and combinations? What textures? What buttons? The potential is dizzying, that’s part of the joy of crafting!

I really must get back to working on all of this, and looking after the boy I guess.


Project bags!

So while I have several projects on the go (crafting A.D.D strikes again) I also happened to see some gorgeous project bag patterns.

Some cute little drawstring bags, a Japanese grab bag, triangle bags, project bag gifts and swaps and so very much more all made by a busy mum of four  at Chicken Soup Designs. They are totally amazing as well as combining my loves of crafting, bags and having huge amounts of projects.

The idea of project bags is genius as far as I’m concerned. It also makes me want lots of them so that I can have one for each project that I’m working on at any one time. Small ones for little projects, big ones for blankets and sweaters, different styles, fabrics and colours. I’m like a child in a sweet shop!

But, and this is a HUGE but, I already have loads of projects that I’m working on at the moment, plus my uni project and general home life and a poorly little boy (still).

While mooching the internet, I found some gymsacks on sports direct that were very cheap and setting my heart on one in particular I sent the husband of to retrieve said bag while I was at work. Sadly they didn’t have it in the store he went to but he did buy me a shocking pink nike one, happy days.

Project bag number one

Project bag number one

Then I managed to find the bag I was still hoping for and now have to inexpensive and handy project bags….

Project bag number 2

Project bag number 2

and a new desires list of project bags to make.